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Archive for the 2010

Fibromyalgia: Exercise Recommendations

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic condition that affects the muscles of the body in a generalized way, producing pain that is usually felt in many areas. This widespread pain can impact many aspects of one’s life and disrupt jobs, hobbies, and relationships. Previously, we discussed dietary strategies that can be employed to minimize the inflammatory [..]

Try These Exercises First Thing in the Morning...

Has your chiropractor ever asked, "Did you do your exercises?" How did you respond? If you’re like 96% of the general population, you probably scrambled, looking for excuses that your chiropractor would "buy." Of course, her or she is not out to humiliate you or make you feel bad about not being the "perfect patient" [..]

What Isn’t Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

That’s a strange question….well, maybe not as crazy as it sounds! Knowing what isn’t carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS, may help you avoid an unnecessary surgery for a condition that looks very similar to CTS. Because CTS is such a common problem, it’s not uncommon for other conditions to be mistakenly called CTS. Because of [..]

Neck Pain: "What Can A Chiropractor Do For That?"

"I was golfing a month ago (or at least trying to…) and I hit the ground too hard and felt a jolt in my neck. Since then, I can’t turn my head to the right, my right arm is numb, and I can’t sleep through the night. I went to my family doctor and he [..]

Whiplash: What Are The Odds of a Permanent Injury?

You've probably heard someone claim, "…you’re not really injured – you’re just going for a big settlement!" Or, "…that person isn’t really hurt, they’re just in it for the money!" Though there are cases that may fit this scenario, the majority of people who are injured in a motor vehicle collision would gladly forfeit any [..]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Why Is It So Common?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition where a nerve (the median nerve) is compressed in a relatively tight or restricted space (called the carpal tunnel), resulting in altered nerve function that includes numbness and weakness. In order to fully understand CTS, let’s devote this article to better understanding the anatomy of the carpal tunnel.The [..]

What is "Good Head Posture?"

Have you ever noticed how many people have terrible posture? One of the most common faulty postures is called "forward head carriage" or "anterior based occiput." Other terms are "hump back" or slouching. There are several reasons for this common postural fault. One is the weight of the head is, on average, approximately 10-13 pounds [..]

Simple "On-The-GO" Low Back Exercise

"Doc, I try to do my exercises but I have to hit the ground running in the morning….to get the kids ready for the school bus….I have morning meetings….I’m not a morning person….I’m pulled in 100 directions during the day….I forget about them until I’m in bed….I exercise on my job and that’s enough…"I’m sure [..]

Fibromyalgia: Dietary Guide

Fibromyalgia (FM) is a chronic condition that affects multiple body systems and is not limited to any one aspect of health. Because of this, there is no ONE diet that works the same for all FM patients. Since most dietary guidelines that address FM are based on general healthy eating principles utilized for many conditions [..]

Automobile Features That Help Save Lives

You might ask, what does this headline have to do with chiropractic? It’s often said case management or patient care is much more than just what we do to our patients (such as in chiropractic, applying a spinal adjustment). The patient education portion of our care plan can frequently make or break a successful outcome [..]